Speech & Language Services - Asheville NC

Do you long to express yourself freely but lack the confidence to do so?

Do you stutter, lose your voice or say the wrong words if you feel anxious or pressured?

Have you been diagnosed with any speech or vocal impairment?

I know you’re very creative and intelligent and long for genuine relationships, but the way you communicate does not fully express who you are. Perhaps…

  • You have difficulty finding the right words and may appear scattered, stutter or withdraw.
  • You’re frustrated in your career because your outer voice does not match your true voice.
  • You’re dealing with speech or language issues that hinder your presence in the world.
  • You’re not reaching your full potential because you can’t express yourself freely.

I’ve been there myself. I was often depressed and frustrated because I accepted a version of myself that did not match my inner voice. Then I decided to take the risk, drop my limitations and honor my true voice. I left a marriage where I wasn’t heard, restarted a successful career after a decade long break and became a strong voice for children’s educational rights, using my empowered voice to help those whose voices were not honored. Now I can help you speak your truth with a voice that does not shake!

Being seen and heard as you really are can be scary, but the rewards are so worth the effort. Aren’t you ready to discover the power to express yourself clearly, confidently and without hesitation?

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What some of my clients say…

“I came to Kristina after a major operation on my entire neck because my vocal cords had been damaged during the procedure. She understood the problem right away and in the very first visit found techniques to smooth out my voice and reduce future damage.” ~ Michael

“Kristina taught me to slow everything down. This includes not only my language, but how I think. I have the confidence now to return to the stage and recite poetry. I still practice her assignments and breathing techniques every day.” ~ Haley

“I have ALS. ALS robs you of your mobility, independence and ability to speak. Kristina crafted a program for me that has prolonged my voice, breathing and quality of life. I can’t say enough about how she has changed my life. Thank you for prolonging my ability to say, thank you.” ~ Jack

You may have sought treatment from a physician but never considered voice or speech therapy. Perhaps you don’t think change is possible because you’ve always talked this way. Or you’ve grown tired of having to repeat yourself or explain what you really meant and allow others to speak for you. But isn’t it time to stop letting fear and self-doubt keep you from honoring your voice? Let me help you express yourself with a clarity that is uniquely YOU!

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