Kristina Kelly, Holistic Voice Therapist & Coach

K Kelly, speech & language therapist & voice coachI am a Certified Speech Language Pathologist with over 20 years of experience helping people find their voice. My experience includes working with a multitude of ages and diagnoses in a variety of settings with particular interests in voice and spectrum disorders. I also enjoy working with actors, singers and public speakers. In addition to being a therapist, I am a teacher, coach, public speaker, child advocate and activist. But I didn’t always use my voice confidently, it was a long journey towards honoring myself.

Even though as a therapist I helped people rehabilitate their voice and speech, I had not yet learned to express myself fully and authentically. Through the years I played small, both professionally and personally—settling for less, not speaking up, allowing others to speak for me and compromising my truths to avoid “making waves.” I was misrepresented because I did not honor my true voice.

I often did not speak my truth or express my heart’s desires during my marriage. I didn’t feel important enough at the time because when I tried to speak up I was placated, ignored or dismissed. My needs came behind my spouse and children, yet I was yearning to be heard. I knew there was a powerful voice in me but I was scared that if I used it my spouse would feel threatened. While I vocally supported and advocated for my whole family, I was not speaking up for myself.

Then during our unpleasant, drawn out divorce I was poorly represented by multiple lawyers who were not listening to my needs or my insight, dragging me through an exhausting, painful process. They either didn’t believe me or couldn’t tell my story in a way that only I could. When the funds ran out, I began representing myself in court: once I found my voice, things finally turned around in my favor.

Professionally, I allowed my working environment to diminish my voice as well. For instance, I worked at a hospital and was responsible for ensuring that fragile patients were given a diet they could chew and swallow safely. But when I was called in for a new 90 year old patient admitted for food poisoning, I intuitively sensed she had not recovered from her gastrointestinal issue and was not ready to eat anything. I questioned her nurse, but she  dismissed me stating that the doctor knew what he was doing. When I went to check on that patient the next day, I learned she had passed away in her sleep. I knew it was from eating the meal she was not ready for. From that moment on I decided I would trust my inner voice no matter what!

These experiences gave birth to a more authentic and holistic approach to my clinical work and lead to working with clients independently. I didn’t fit in the traditional healing and educational systems. I explored spiritual practices such as yoga, qi gong and meditation, and began incorporating these into my private practice. I also learned to follow my bliss by honoring my inner athlete, by resuming playing golf and tennis and snowboarding again after a shoulder injury.

Now I use my training experiences to help YOU speak YOUR truth and stop hiding behind others like I did. When you find and honor your voice you show up confidently in the world and life flows more easily. With simple but personalized techniques I can help you reduce anxiety and strengthen your voice, so you’re able to be seen and heard and create authentic connections with others.

Whether you need to restore communication after an illness, express yourself confidently to thrive in your career or deepen relationships, I offer the tools you need to empower and honor your unique and authentic voice. Are YOU ready to take the next step to change your life and your presence in the world?

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