Harmony or Discord: Why the World Needs Your Voice

Have you ever paused and wondered how so many things just work so naturally? I am amazed at the synchrony of nature. The solar system, my body, right down to the atoms that make up, well, everything, is balanced. Infinite features of our phenomenal world move in harmony resulting in the beautiful symphony we call Life.

The universe is made of frequencies and frequency translated is sound. So where does your voice fit into this equation? The world needs your unique frequency, your sound, your true voice so that it can be in harmony and expand. When you are not in your authenticity, you are creating a frequency that is in discord. Thus you are contracted, feeling small and insignificant. And you are dissonant, feeling misunderstood like you don’t fit in. This, in turn, contributes to the chaos you see in the greater world. You see this around you because it is vibrating within you. When you decide to be true to yourself, your voice will begin to vibrate at a frequency that naturally contributes to the harmony and well being of all. By speaking your truth, you will begin to resonate with other like-minded voices that together create more harmony and beauty in the world.

This is how important honoring your voice is! Each one of us is a part of the larger choir of life and each one is responsible for singing our part; our own unique tune so that we can create a life that resonates with the well being of all of life.

Are you using your true voice? Life will continuously invite you to tune yourself to your true frequency by the way you feel. Does your life feel discordant or harmonic? Are you in peace or strife? When you align yourself with your inner truth, your voice will reflect this. You will begin to live in harmony instead of discord.

Are you in tune with your true self? Does your voice reflect the depth of your soul or are you using a voice that will ensure you don’t get noticed? If so, the world is missing a melodic piece, YOU! Find the beat that is your own drum and share it with the world. Dare to be heard! Sing your part in humanity’s choir by honoring your voice.


Kristina Kelly is a holistic speech therapist and voice coach in Asheville, NC who helps her clients achieve personal and professional fulfillment through the use of authentic voice.


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