An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse

Recently, I was sitting in traffic listening to an interview on talk radio with an author who was promoting his book on politics. I was ready to change the station when the interviewer mentioned the author’s past career as a movie critic and asked about his favorite movie. The author’s voice changed and with absolute certainty, he replied “The Godfather”. He then went on to animately explain why and mentioned all the movie’s nuances of directing, lighting, musical score and of course the stellar acting. He had such passion and conviction in his voice, I was captivated! That weekend, I began a marathon of binge-watching The Godfather Trilogy. I did not, however, buy his book.

Which voice sells? When the author’s agenda of selling was interrupted and he stopped promoting his book, he relaxed and began talking about something he clearly had a passion for. He unconsciously changed his voice. It became natural and flowing. He loved everything about this film and it showed. No more agenda of promoting, just talking about something he loved. It was irresistible!

When you speak from a place of authenticity you light up and attract with little effort. The best sales pitch is really no pitch at all. It’s being so genuinely passionate and interested in a product or service that your voice and speech reflect this without the need for rehearsal and with little thought. So many in sales have been trained in a myriad of marketing and psychological strategies thinking “I can make a good living selling this even though I am not passionate about it.” To that I say, your voice gives you away and eventually, you will burn out. Stop the agenda of selling something which always has a little bit of angst. Make a genuine connection with your potential customers by talking about what makes YOU genuinely excited about the product or service. Then, to borrow a quote from Vito Corleone of The Godfather, you naturally “Make them an offer they can’t refuse”.

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